Make Your Own Avatar

Create your own user Avatar.

Posted on April 29, 2010 by Mr Weatherill

When you make a comment on our blog a small picture appears alongside. This is called an avatar. This avatar represents you rather than using a photo.  At the moment all your avatars are randomly produced by this blog. You can make your own avatar at a variety of sites which I have provided links to below.

1. Save the picture as either a .gif or .jpeg or .png .

2. Register at Edublogs as a user.

3. Upload your user avatar.

4. Send me an e-mail at with your username so I can register you as a subscriber.

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Hello world i am marang33 and this is my first blog ever.I an so happy that you can talk to me with comments. The comments are just bellow this post. You can talk to me any time of the day just go to the comments box.